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Journal publications


Frehner M., 2013

Photograph of the month
Journal of Structural Geology 55, 196, doi:10.1016/j.jsg.2012.09.010
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Madonna C., Quintal B., Frehner M., Almqvist B.S.G., Tisato N., Pistone M., Marone F. and Saenger E.H., 2013

Synchrotron-based X-ray tomographic microscopy for rock microstructure investigations
Geophysics 78, D53-D64, doi:10.1190/GEO2012-0113.1
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Sala P., Frehner M., Tisato N. and Pfiffner O.A., 2013

Building a three-dimensional near-surface geologic and petrophysical model based on borehole data: A case-study from Chémery, Paris Basin, France
AAPG Bulletin 97, 1303-1324, doi:10.1306/02261312120
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