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Heart Camp

Every year, a special summer camp takes place for children with congenital heart defects. Since 2006 I am part of the organizing and leading staff. The Heart Camp is promoted by the Swiss Parents Association for Heart Sick Children (EVHK). Around 30 kids visibly enjoy this special week, that is adjusted to their special needs. I guess that also the parents can enjoy it. In any case, I have great fun every year.


Until recently I was president of the openair rockamweier, a one-day music festival that is free or charge for all the audience. It takes place every year in mid-june in the cosy municipal park of my home town Wil, Switzerland. After ten years it was about time to hand over to a new and younger team.

In 2001 the first openair rockamweier took place. At that time everything was much smaller and we had approx. 1000 spectators, but we grew quickly and got more professional. The festival became an inherent part of the region's cultural scene. Since a few years, we had a constant number of approx. 8000 spectators every year.

It all started with my rock band close-down, where I played the guitar back then. After a longer break we wanted to organize a comeback-concert. We invited three other bands and organized the first openair rockamweier. In the meantime close-down does not exist anymore, but the festival survived and grew continously.

I was responsible for the whole band booking process, as well as for the stage equipment. As president I also dealt with all kinds of administrative stuff. On the day of the festival I looked after the construction of the stage with all its technical equipment and I was the stage manager.


I love the mountains and spending time being in nature. I like to hike in the mountains or I ride my green bike through the city and across the country side. During my time in Vienna I even started climbing. Unfortunately, I do not find the time for that on a regular basis.

On winter weekends, I often go skiing and I also started to do off-piste tours.