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Besides my daily research, I am involved in several structured projects. Learn more about these projects by clicking on the provided links.

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Upscaling of seismic properties in fractured fluid reservoirs

Laboratory measurments and numerical modeling of fracture-related seismic properties


Rock Characterization

Advanced seismic characterization of reservoir rocks using laboratory and numerical tools

Residual saturation

Digital Rock Physics: Oscillatory behavior of residual fluid in porous rocks

Measurement campaign at the TOMCAT-beamline of the Swiss Light Source Synchrotron


Deformation of Geological Materials:
Mechanical-chemical feedback and the coupling across scales

Multi-disciplinary doctoral school for 10 PhD students at the University of Vienna

Fracture networks

3D Micro-imaging of fracture networks using micro-computed tomography:
Upscaling of porosity and permeability of a fractured reservoir (Hauptdolomit)

Imaging, measurement and modeling of porosity and permeability of reservoir rocks using micro-CT